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Reduced Physical and Mental Stress with Increased RAW Mobility

Written by Darren Scherbain

Overwhelming scientific evidence confirms that changes to your body can influence reactions in your brain.

During this extremely difficult and stressful time, one of the most effective strategies for controlling stress begins with altering your physical behavior.

Raw Movement, especially in nature, to help you remain calm.

One of the reminders that keeps me connected to the bigger picture is to reconnect with Nature.

It can be challenging to rediscover the simplicity of walking on grass.

To rediscover life’s simple joys.

Often, it can feel impossible to rediscover these simple joys when you feel that you are in over your head.

That stress you are feeling is very real and can be overloading your allostatic load.

The allostatic load is the wear and tear on the body which can overload an individual who is exposed to repeated acute and chronic stress.

By adding more stress, you may experience endocrine and neuronal responses to this stress.

This stress response manifests both mentally and physically. Take, for example, the fact that many workplaces are currently closed, and people are spending more time working from home, prone to sitting for long periods of time in front of their computer.

How can you rediscover the simple joys when you are constantly suffering from prolonged and excessive sitting?