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Preventing COVID-19 With Immunity Defense

A presentation by Asst. Prof. Patana Teng-Umnuay Ph.D. M.D. on 29 April 2020.

In this talk, Asst. Prof. Patana Teng-umnuay discusses the current COVID-19 pandemic, and how our own immune systems are our best defence for preventing the coronavirus, and other viruses such as influenza.

Everywhere we are hearing that we need to stay home to protect ourselves against COVID-19, but no one is discussing the fact that this is leading to our immune systems breaking down.

When our immune systems fail, we get sick. This can be attributed to a micronutrient depleted diet, consuming sugar and processed foods, lack of exercise, overuse of medicine, stress, and lack of sleep.

ALL of which we are experiencing in self-isolation.

By focusing on maintaining our immune systems, not just during this pandemic but as a practice we should all follow each day, our immune systems can fight back.

Our immune systems cannot function to fight if we do not look after ourselves.

People with high BMI and the elderly are more at risk.

We also cannot rely on waiting for a vaccine, as these artificial forms of immunity are not as effective as developing natural immunity.

In 2019 the influenza vaccine, for example, was only effective at about 45%.

In comparison, people who have recovered naturally from COVID-19 is about 80%. This means our own immune systems are more effective than vaccination.

So, what can you do to build your immune system to defend against the virus you may ask?

It is quite simple:

· Eat real freshly cooked food – twice a day is enough

· Continue eating fresh fruit and vegetables (especially GREEN fibrous vegetables)

· Walk in the sun for 15+ minutes but keep your distance

· Drink alkaline water and green tea

· Take Vitamin D, C, and Zinc every day

· Stay calm, do not lose your sleep because of other people’s bad news

· Keep busy and your mind active each day

· Help others in need.

This virus is not going away any time soon, and eventually, all people will have some level of exposure to the virus, in the same way, we have all been exposed to other infectious diseases and bacteria strains.

Those of us who get sick as a result and predominantly as a result of our immune systems not able to fight against them.

We need to start thinking outside the box, stop listening to all the negative press around us, and think by ourselves about how we each need to protect our health.

Please, everyone… stay safe, do not panic, and remember these words:

"You have the right to protect yourself. You also have the right to survive, but, you don’t have the right to cause harm to others. You can practice what you believe is best for you, but, don’t judge others who don’t follow your advice. You must have empathy."

If you would like a copy of the slides from the video, please email our team at

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