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Nutritional and Compound IV Therapy in Integrative Medicine

An extract from a recent presentation from one of our key speakers, Prof. Michael W. Trogisch. Written by Luis Cordova.

Integrative medicine is a complementary combination of alternative medicine and modern medical treatment.

It has deep roots in European holistic medicine, plant-based therapy, traditional Eastern medicine, and Ayurveda, taking the view that nutritional status, environmental input, and social and psychological stress all have roles in a patient’s health.

Some practitioners take the stance that a patient's body and soul work together to overcome an illness.

Integrative medicine seeks to improve overall health by increasing nutrient uptake and toxin removal in the patient.

The practitioner also helps in formulating activities to decrease stress in the patient, reset their mental state, and improve healing.

Integrative medicine protocols may include nutritional intravenous (IV) therapy, energy modalities, and oxygen therapies as part of their healing methodology.

Nutritional IV therapy is far from a new concept.

Globally, IV therapy combats cancer fatigue, improves immune health, and boosts energy.

Many executives, stars, and athletes use these kinds of performance enhancers as quick fixes. Nutritional IV therapy is a customized nutrient-dense mix developed for your body.

When using oral nutrient supplements, the digestive system hinders absorption and decreases the bioavailability of these nutrients.

However, with nutritional IV therapy, every cell absorbs all the nutrients around it, meaning the bioavailability is almost 100%.

Direct delivery to the circulatory system ensures the nutrient-dense liquid spreads quickly throughout the body and nourishes all your cells more effectively.

This novel approach, championed by Dr. Michael Trogisch and his team, combines holistic methods with modern medicinal therapy to improve the patient's health.

The basis of his advocacy for the use of integrative medicine is not just patient health but improving the entire system of healthcare as we currently know it.

One differentiating characteristic of integrative medicine is its aim to develop a customized protocol for each patient.

Evidence-based protocols are essential for operating an efficient and effective integrative medical practice.

They provide established guidance and a strong foundation for treatment plans by identifying reliable sources and assessing synergistic effects, and are then refined into personalized plans for each individual.

Many integrative practitioners use protocols to create clarity for the patient, save the clinician time, and build trust between the patient and practitioner.

Dr. Trogisch can integrate German technology with traditional Thai medicine to produce highly bioavailable compounds, organic raw materials, and the best patient protocols for Thailand’s patients.

These might include cold treatments, high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), ozone therapy, and many others.

One of the most beneficial aspects of his program is the addition of movement, or the simulation of movement.

Dr. Trogisch emphasizes that having patients move on their own is best for blood flow. Blood flow increases the effectiveness of nutritional IV therapy.

However, if a patient cannot move on his own, tools can be employed to assist. Shaker plates or power plates simulate movement in the patient and help to increase blood flow.

The integrative medicine concept promoted by Dr. Trogisch is to fix the patient's physical, mental, and disease-related conditions.

He recommends a customized protocol tailored for each patient to improve their recovery. As more evidence is collected, we are seeing more patients improve using Dr. Trogisch's approach.

Dr. Trogisch believes that:

"We need primary treatment strategies to be successful, coupled with very successful secondary treatments and products” for the best patient outcomes – a harmonious marriage of conventional and alternative therapies."

Nutritional IV therapy is a routine therapy that’s been employed by the medical community for years.

Many patients can benefit from nutritional IV therapy, especially those recovering from medical procedures, taking chemotherapy, those who are obese, or those with deficient immune systems.

As with any treatment, there may be risks for you to be aware of, so be sure to speak with your doctor before trying any treatment.

For more information, visit Biomed Clinic.

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