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Combating Aging Forces

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Written by Patana Teng-umnuay MD PhD

Aging is the accumulation of changes in the cells and tissues that increase the risk of organ dysfunction and death. Only if we understand these aging forces, we can combat the process of aging.

These aging forces are oxidative stress, glycation end products, inflammation, toxins, acidosis, and stress.

Oxidative Stress is one of the major factors to fire the aging process. We can reduce our oxidative stress levels by restricting our caloric intake and using the right combination of antioxidants.

Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates is considerably one of the major causes of chronic illness and cell malfunction. Hence, we need to reduce the amount of our sugar consumption.

Both oxidative stress and sugar toxins will lead to inflammation, which form the underlying pathology of countless chronic illnesses.

To combat inflammation, we need to select the right kind of dietary fat. While omega 3 and omega-9 fatty acids are precursors for anti-inflammatory prostaglandins, omega 6 fatty acids can be converted into pro-inflammation mediators, namely the arachidonic acids.

An accumulation of Toxins throughout the body has been accounted for various health problems as well. These toxins have been contaminated in the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and even medication we take.

Our bodies have an internal detoxification system composed of the liver, kidney, lung, and skin. That Detox system can be fully activated through a full rest state of the body initiated by certain periods of fasting and at the same time refueling the body with healthy nutrients to stimulate the liver detoxification process, improving blood lymphatic circulation, and promoting toxin elimination through the intestines, the kidney, and the skin.

There are numerous of integrative programs like a detox diet, regular intake of vitamins and antioxidants, sauna visits, detox massage, colon hydrotherapy, and chelation. Each program has its own benefits and limitations.

Although these programs are usually safe, proper patient selection is required in order to prevent any complications. It is very important that medical practitioners can choose the right detoxification method for the right patient.

Anti-aging clinics now provide several intervention programs to combat these aging forces, such as the use of antioxidants and nutraceutical supplements, detoxification treatments and also stem cell therapy.

However, these interventions alone won't be enough alone to combat aging forces in patients whose cells and tissues accumulated toxins and harming end products over the course of many years. A deeper understanding, medical knowledge and willingness to change bad habits and lifestyle are required too.

Food, exercise, and stress reduction are the most important areas to successfully increase one’s health span. As individuals are different, we cannot tell them what to do but only guide them to the path of a more rewarding and healthier lifestyle.


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