H.E.A.T. Reversal of Chronic Diseases

Online Workshop

This online workshop was created from our HEAT Reversal of Chronic Diseases International Workshop event in March 2020 and features the latest Industry news and first-hand knowledge on the reversal of Chronic Diseases and Anti-aging delivered from international medical experts.


Our expert speakers carefully selected topics that will not only benefit medical professionals, wellness clinics, and academics but also their clients, health enthusiasts, athletes, and everyone who aims to learn how disease occurs in the first and how chronic forms can be fully reversed to age healthy.

In this private one-on-one learning environment within our Members area,

you will dive into topics such as:


  • Medicine is NOT Health

  • Biomedical treatment of behavioral disorders in children

  • Reversal of Diabetes

  • Reversal of Adrenal Fatigue

  • Microbiomes in Health and Disease

  • Testosterone Therapy for Metabolic Syndrome: State of the Art.

  • Combat Chronic Illness with Exercise

  • Individualized Cancer Therapy



All lectures from our Key Speakers can be consumed in your own time, with all presentation slides downloadable for you to keep as a reference guide.


With 14 Keynote Presentations and over 11 hours of video content, this online workshop will provide you with the latest in anti-aging medicine and techniques to prevent and treat chronic diseases with patients.


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