H.E.A.T. International Congress for Anti-aging Medicine

August 19-21, 2021



Congress Info: Biohack Your Life


This 3-day annual international Congress features the latest Industry news and first-hand knowledge on the reversal of Chronic Diseases and Anti-aging delivered from international medical experts. Our expert speakers carefully selected topics under the Main Congress Theme: Biohack Your Life: Application to Science and Technology to Improve Health-span,  that will not only benefit medical professionals, wellness clinics and academics but also their clients, health enthusiasts, athletes and everyone who aims to learn how disease occurs in the first and how chronic forms can be fully reversed to age healthy. 

This annual HEAT Congress will also be a reunion of speakers from the fields of Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine.

In a unique learning environment at The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok 

you will dive into topics such as:

  • Wellness is Healthcare, NOT Sickcare

  • Aesthetic Dermatology: The Future is Now

  • Genetic and Epigenetic regulation in chronic illness

  • Biohacking Skin Age with Light

  • Intravenous Nutrients

  • Autologous Fat Transfer

  • Biohack with Brassica and Friends

  • Autologous Fibroblasts for Skin Rejuvenation

  • Adrenal Fatigue and Reverse Cortisol Production

  • Hair Follicle Stem Cell and PRP for Hair Restoration

  • Plasmalogen Deficiency in Alzheimer's Disease

  • Estrogen Dominance

  • Microbiome, Fecal Transplant and Probiotics

  • and much more...

In addition to the interactive medical lectures, you will have the chance to connect with leading experts, extend your network of like-minded people or just have a chat with our expert speakers.



H.E.A.T. International Congress for Anti-aging Medicine
August 19-21, 2021

Dr. Niken Puruhita

  • Why WHEY is a way in Medical Nutritional Therapy for Cancer Patients

Dr. Anongnut Chavalithamrong

  • Benefits of Probiotics: for the Skin and Beyond


Dr. Rataporn Ungpakorn

  • Aesthetic Dermatology: 
    The Future is Now


Dr. Kent Holtorf

  • Evidence based approach in Restoring Thyroid Health

  • The Healing Power of Peptides, even for your Sickest Patients

craig image.png

Mr. Craig Burton

  • Practical Tips to Delivering Nutritional Advice

  • Good Fat and Bad Fat for the Brain

Assistant-Professor-Dr. Akkarach Bumrung

Dr. Akkarach Bumrungpert

  • Wellness Food and Supplement

Dr. Claus Hancke

  • Nutritional Intervention for Chronic Disorders

N.Wiernsperger (1).jpg

Dr. Nicolas Wiernsperger

  • METFORMIN: 63 Year Old drug but younger than ever


Dr. Patana Teng-umnuay

  • Wellness is Healthcare, not Sickcare

  • Practical Cell Therapy, Mesenchymal Stromal Cell, and Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Biohacking your Aging Cells

Dr. M. R. Mozafari.jpg

Dr. M.R. Mozafari

  • Recent Trends in Nanoencapsulation Processes for Food and Nutraceutical Applications


Mr. Gopal Kumar

  • Dimensions of Wellness

  • Moving from Spa to Wellness

Dr. Narinthorn Surasinthon1.jpg

Dr. Narinthorn Surasinthon

  • Medical Tourism Trend


Dr. Krit Pongpirul

  • Microbiome, Fecal Transplant, and Probiotics


Dr. Rungsima Wanitphakdeedecha

  • Autologous Fibroblasts for Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Woraphong Manuskiatti.JPG

Dr. Woraphong Manuskiatti

  • Biohacking Skin Age with Light

Dr. Rumpa 2.jpg

Dr. Rumpa Linpiyawan

  • To Achieve a Diamond Look with Crystal Budgets

Dr. Sarawalai.jpg

Dr. Sarawalai Rakchart

  • Autologous Fat Transfer

Dr. Mart Maiprasert.jpg

Dr. Mart Maiprasert

  • Adrenal Fatigue and Reverse Cortisol Production

Dr. Kanin Tripipitsiriwat.jpg

Dr. Kanin Tripipitsiriwat

  • Homeopathy for Healthy Aging

Dr. Nopparat.jpg

Dr. Nopparat Panthongwiriyakul

  • Plasmalogen Deficiency in Alzheimer's Disease

  • Coenzyme Q10 for Cardiovasular Health

Dr. Skol Skolphadungkett

  • Combination of PRFM and Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy for Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction


Dr. Thomas Lodi

  • Biohack with Brassica and Friends

  • Peptides are Nature's IT Engineers

Dr. Pakpilai.JPG

Dr. Pakpilai Thavisi

  • Estrogen Dominance

  • Chill Out, and your brain will say "Thank You"

Dr. Tanvaa Tansatit.jpg

Dr. Tanvaa Tansatit

  • Different Types of Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System (SMAS) Influence Filling Results

Dr. Ratchathorn 2.jpg
  • Hair Follicle Stem Cell and PRP for Hair Rejuvenation

Dr. Pansak Sukgraroek

  • Hormone Disruptor

  • Reversal of Erectile Function in Chronic Diseases


Dr. Nathan Goodyear

  • Manboob Nation: An Integrative Approach to Low Testosterone

  • Genomic vs. Non-genomic Hormone Signaling

Mr. Darren Scherbain.jpg
  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae: Nature is the Healer of Disease
  • Skateboarding and Muscles as a Secretary Organ

Dr. Olan Piamkulvanich

  • Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy

Olga VIta, garden.jpg

Ms. Olga Vita

  • Vitality Project, 3x3 System of Natural Healing

  • Beauty Diet & Detoxification Beyond Skin Deep

Dr. Monthaka Teerachaisakul.jpg
  • Homeopathy for Healthy Aging
Jeffry Michael Strong.jpg

Dr. Jeffry Michael Strong

  • Pycnogenol: Evidence-based Skin Supplement with other health benefits

The HEAT Team is currently setting up the international Speaker Consortium of more than 30 professionals form the Anti- aging and Aesthetic medical community.

The listed speakers above may change occasionally. Additional Details will be published shortly.


Pre Congress Schedule

August 19, 2021
Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy





Main Congress Schedule

August 20-21, 2021
Biohack Your Life

Friday August 20th, 2021

Saturday August 21st, 2021

The Main Congress Schedule will be concluded shortly.

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Registration and Venue


This Congress is held in English and is open for medical professionals, clinic owners and everyone who aims to age healthy.

Regular registration: 

Pre Congress 5,000 THB

Main Congress 15,000 THB

Early Bird Tickets

Special before June 30, 2021:

Pre-Congress: 4,000 THB

Main Congress: 11,000 THB

Both Congress: 14,000 THB

Special before July 31, 2021:

Pre-Congress: 5,000 THB

Main Congress: 13,000 THB

Both Congress: 16,000 THB


The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok

61 Wireless Rd, Lumphini, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330

Every Entry Pass Includes:

  • Full access to every educational session

  • 1x Free Oligoscan (worth 8,000 THB)

  • 1x Official Certificate of Attendance

  • 1x Congress reader (study material)

  • Access to an exclusive academic network

  • Case study discussions

  • Meet potential clients

  • Exhibitors presenting latest products

  • Lunch buffets and Coffee breaks



HEAT Anti-aging International Congress

August 19-21, 2021 

" BioHack Your Life "

At The Athenee Luxury Collection Hotel Bangkok Thailand

Exclusive Exhibition

August 19-21, 2021

The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok



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