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Dr. Mette Zacho

Mette Zacho is Vice President of GLP-1 Obesity and NASH. She was previously Medical Director and Head of Medical and Scientific Affairs at Novo Nordisk Japan and has broad experience in both diabetes and obesity.


Dr. Zacho joined Novo Nordisk A/S in 2012, following clinical experience in general medicine, cardiology, and radiology, having received her MD from the University of Copenhagen in 2003. In 2013, she received a Ph.D. in cardiovascular imaging and has several first-author publications in international, peer-reviewed journals.


Congress Topics

  • The Role of GLP-1 in Weight Loss



HEAT Anti-aging Congress 2022

BioHack Your Life:

At The Athenee Luxury Collection Hotel Bangkok Thailand

Application to Science and Technology to Improve Health-span

Exclusive Exhibition

August 18-20, 2022

The Athenee Hotel, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Bangkok