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Dr. Niken Puruhita MD., MSc.

Dr. Niken Puruhita received her Medical Doctorate from Diponegoro University Medical School, Semrang, Indonesia, and her Masters of Science from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. She is also a Certified Clinical Nutrition Specialist by the Indonesian Clinical Nutrition Association.


She has undergone multiple courses and medical training, including but not limited to:

  • Cambridge Seminars on Diabetes Epidemiology, Cambridge University, 2003.

  • International Conference on Diabetes and Nutrition, European Society of Diabetes and Nutrition, 2004.

  • LLL Course: ICU, Perioperative, Liver & Pancreas, Cancer, ESPEN, Bali, 2013.

  • LLL Course: GI disease, ICU Nutrition Problem and Solving, Approach to Parenteral Nutrition, Nutrition in Renal Disease, ESPEN, Copenhagen, 2016.

  • LLL Course: Nutrition in Older Adult, Nutrition in Obesity, Nutrition in Respiratory Disease, Nutrition Support in Pediatric Patients, ESPEN, Den Haag, 2017.

  • LLL Course: Nutrition Assessment and Techniques, Body Composition and Energy Balance, ICU Nutrition and Problem Solving, Nutrition in Neurological Disease, ESPEN, Madrid, 2018.

  • LLL Course: Cancer, Perioperative, Parenteral Nutrition, ICU, ESPEN, Krakow, 2019.

  • Hands-on Course on Nutrition in the ICU, ESPEN, Krakow, 2019.


Dr. Puruhita has held the position of Assistant Professor for the Medical Facility of Diponegoro University since 1998, and holds memberships and associations with:


  • Indonesia Medical Association (IDI)

  • Indonesia Physician Nutrition Specialist Association (PDGKI)

  • Indonesian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (INASPEN)

  • European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)


Congress Topic

  • Radiotherapy Fraction Relationship and Composition Index of Body Cancer



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